Thursday, September 18, 2008

...and I just can't take it anymore

I didn't want to start a political blog.

But I can't help myself.  The election season is making me crazy.

Our politicians pander to us, tell us things they think we want to hear, things to make us think they are like us.  Instead of substance and policy, we get sound bites carefully targeted to tickle our stereotypes and create some kind of false connection between us and our candidates.

But democracy is about the population choosing the policies, not just the pretty face that gets to be president, and whether it is black or white, a man or a woman, somehow like us or not.

How can we get our politicians to treat us as though we care what they're going to do in office, instead of just what they are going to look like?

It starts with de-electioneering, digging deep into their hogwash and calling out the self-serving intentions behind the things they say.  That's what this place is about.

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