Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama speaks to Green Bay

Obama speaks in Green Bay: http://polfeeds.com/item/Barack-Obama-Reforming-Washington

Obama responds to some criticism that he has not been specific about his policies.  Here are a few of the things he is going to do, beginning on his first day of office:
  • go through the budget page by page, and eliminate every program that is not working
  • eliminate earmarks
  • stop corporations from avoiding taxes
  • make Wall Street fair, open and honest
It sounds like a good list.  I wonder what he's going to do on his second day in office.

In passing, Jimmy Carter tried to move to zero-based budgeting, where each program office would have to justify every dime of spending.  Of course it fell through, because government spending is so big that it is administratively impossible to review every program, every year.

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